Client Reviews



Moving countries is stressful at the best of time - but especially when your significant other is a much beloved Russian Blue cat.  Even more so when it is done in a hurry, as was the case for me and Alphonsia.   The animal handler service I employed was, unfortunately, far from competent and it was up to Manuka Veterinary Hospital and myself to do all the leg-work.  I cannot praise enough the competence, reliability and care and sensitivity I experienced dealing with the range of Hospital staff.  I could not have managed it without them.  Alphonsia said she did not much enjoy the trip but she got Fiji safely and only had to deal with seven days quarantine when she got there (parental visits were allowed!).  Here she is with me, shouting out thanks to all the team back in Manuka through her quarantine cage.  She looks forward to seeing you all again when she resumes residence in Canberra.


Gerald and Hilary

I wanted to let you know that Tush arrived 3 weeks ago after his epic journey and is settling in well. He is sneezing quite a lot, but we all are, given that it’s Yorkshire. We’re feeding him the serious food and he is fit and finding a nice balance between active and slothfulI’ve attached some photos of Tush in the snow as promised.  Thanks for everything you did for our dog! What adventures!


Meg loves gallivanting around, she is after all a kelpie. But advancing years have brought some pain, stiffness and less enjoyment from her adventures 'on the farm'. I knew Michael did veterinary acupunture so sought him out for some treatments. The improvement after two treatments was remarkable. Meg is much relieved and, amazingly for her, actually greets her vet visits with a wagging tail!!! We'll adopt a schedule of regular 'booster' visits so Meg continues to enjoy her adventures.



Ali & Barra (Silky X) - Grateful Defence Family

Thank you so much again for your support and help with Barra during this very challenging year. We were both at our wits end before seeing you and immediately I knew we were in the hands of an expert. You and your fantastic team are clearly professionals who know their stuff, but you also genuinely care for our furry family members and their welfare. It has meant the world to us and we will be forever grateful. And we are better prepared for the moves that are ahead of us. We will keep you updated you on our journey.




I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help getting Buddy to New Zealand. Although I thought it might be a traumatic experience for him, he seemed to enjoy the adventure and he is loving his new surroundings in a big way. You helped me navigate the process very well and there were no surprises. Many thanks again from the "Bud Bud" and his owner.




Thanks for attending my little dog when I recently visited you. He is doing very well indeed. I was quite impressed by your staff level of attention that Juju recieved during his vet consultation.



Bryce Hutchesson & Elizabeth Ward

Moving overseas is never straightforward, and doing it with the family pet - and to a country which isn't such a regular destination for Aussie dogs - made it more complicated still. But the Manuka Vet Hospital made it as easy as possible and Nero - our bouncy cavoodle - is now happily settled here in Columbo. Michael Archinal and Henrietta Frewin provided tremendous support throughout, not just with expert veterinary advice but also in how to best navigate the myriad pet export (and import) requirements. We wanted a professional service, and can't imagine that any veterinary practice could have done it better. It was a great job by Manuka Vet Hospital, and we recommended them highly.



Ray & Di

We went on holiday recently and were lucky to have Henrietta house-sit our 11 year old Cavalier, Sam. Lucky indeed we were, because Sam developed some quite alarming symptoms while we were away. Henrietta got him admitted to the Manuka Vet Hospital where Jane had him sedated , tested, diagnosed and treated, so when we got home our little boy was well on the way to recovery. Sam has had quite a number of problems recently, and we have really appreciated the five star attention that he has been receiving from Stephen, Jane, Henrietta and the whole crew there at Manuka Vet.


Happy Export Client

Thank you very much for the blood test results. Really glad to know that our dogs are fine!Thank you so much for all the wonderful and exceptional care that our dogs have had at Manuka Vet. Everyone has been very kind and amazing to them. Please let me know if you come by and thank you very much again and have a lovely week.